FATH Academy

Dheeni education (Ilm) is the most important thing a Muslim can gain of all forms of knowledge’s. Starting with 3 Madarasas in the 19th Century, Sri Lanka has produced more than Ten Thousand Ulama Kiram out of 270 Madrasas. Male and Female Ulama Kiram are numbering one out of every two hundred Muslim and keep increasing. The thirst for Ilm is very well noticed by evaluating the number of applications flow into most of the Madrasa. It is always more than double the amount of decided intake number of students.

The inability to part from the parents or for the parents to part from their children is one of the major barriers for Dheeni Education. At Fath Academy students obtain their Dheeni knowledge by attending lessons from their home environment. Chairman of Fath Academy Ash Sheikh Yoosuf Mufti has being insisting on the importance of being with their parents especially during their teenage for a long time.

Fath Academy was established to create a disciplined generation who can combine the traditions and modernity through education and culture, as per the inspiration of Ash-Sheikh Yoosuf Mufti Fath Academy was established on 6th of January 2014.


“Creating a disciplined and educated generation who combine the spiritual and contemporary aspects in designing and living a responsible, ethical and meaningful life.”


“Striving to bridge the gap between both Islamic and modern cultures; and producing talented scholars and challenging professionals who practice upon the immortal deen and developing worldly knowledge”

Unique Model

Considering the current social context in Sri Lanka, the challenges to part children from parents for residential religious education, is one of the major barriers for the traditional religious education approach. At Fath Academy, students obtain their education by attending classes on a non-residential concept traveling from their home environment.

The Academy has created different programs which enable Islamic education as well as formal education under one roof. Being non-residential and enabling twin education makes Fath Academy a unique concept which has over the last 18 months, proven to be a successful model.

Beyond a Typical Madrasa or School

Not restricting to the traditional educational frame Fath Academy is gearing up to deliver to diversified students. The education system will be handled in two divisions. Schoolers, school leavers, youth being one division and the General Public including Marriage related education, Business related education, Death related (inheritance, last will) education etc.

Though education is the core function, FA is also eying on creating solutions to various other areas of concerns in the Muslim Community. Teacher training, Sharia Advisory, Distribution of Zakath and Sadaqa to the needy, Co-Existence, Media solutions etc., are some of the future plans.

Highlights of Future plans at Fath Academy

Course for School Leavers

Students of International Schools and some General schools do not even receive basic Dheeni education.

Under this section FA is targeting to provide a short course for these students upon completion of their examinations.

  • Social Service Activities 


  • Imams and Khatheeb Training


  • Death related matters (Inheritance, Last will)
  • Business Related Islamic Education


  • Sharia Advisory for Financial Institutions


  • Marriage Counselling (Pre & post marriage, parenting, arbitration/divorce related)